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This Ashram will be a place where every human being from any corner of the world who is in search of the true identity of his soul will come. It is a sacred place where every inmate would stay in the atmosphere of brotherhood & peace in ego-less state. He would achieve this state once he surrenders his ego, generated due to his wealth, looks, position in society etc. This would be an abode where he will be able to shed his external superficial identity, and experience his true inherent identity. His experience in this sacred place will be unique and totally different.

The history of Samarpan Ashram is very old and to understand it we have to go in past 800 years. Before 800 years many souls made pure wish to know the TRUTH and because of this wish I have been born.

Universal Collectivity was a prerequisite of this Samarpan Ashram. First the collectivity has been created and then the Ashram has been constructed.

This Ashram will be of great use for the cause of Universal Religion and oneness for the entire world. Whosoever in the world is in a quest for Truth and fervently is in search of it would reach and experience it here. This is an abode that will promote an international meditation method.
H. H. Shivkrupanand Swami ...